Welcome to my Blog

On this site I try to collect some of my projects, thoughts about topics I find quite interesting or any other stuff I think is relevant to post here. I hope you will find joy in reading some of the stuff that appears here.

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Beating the Odds - Finding a reliable Betting Strategy for next Soccer Season

During this years summer vacation I had the idea to get back to some work I did a few years back. I am speaking of my analysis of the European Football Betting Market I did for my BA thesis. The basic idea was to test the “Efficient Market Hypothesis” using as much football data from the most important leagues in Europe I could get my hands on back in the days. [Read More]

First post! Checkout my CS:GO Compendium

I want to start this blog with one of my dearest hobbies of all time. The arguably mother of all competitive games: Counter-Strike. The most recent incarnation by the tech giant Valve is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is very good and you should give it a try if you are into first-person shooters. I have been a big fan for over 13 years now. In fact, my Steam Account was created October 18th 2005! [Read More]